This security glass laminate offers heightened protection (31-mil) for severe, extended attack scenarios.



31-MIL Protection

Our industry-leading laminate,  boasts an 1,100-psi breaking strength, offering unmatched defense against prolonged threats.

Higher Threat Protection

The SL-31 includes all the protections offered by the SL-15 laminate, but can stand up to even more targeted attacks and prolonged crowd riots.

Delays Attacks

The 31-mil laminated glass delays attacks, holding the glass in place during an incident, granting occupants time to call first responders and implement active threat protocols.

Download the SL-31 Fact Sheet Now for an In-Depth Look at its Unrivaled Protection. Your Security Upgrade Starts Here!

Watch Our SL-31 Mil Laminate Demonstration Video

Can you afford to compromise safety in schools, campuses, businesses, and homes? Watch as our SL-31 laminated film maintains its integrity even after being shot, effectively thwarting intruders and buying crucial time for occupants to reach safety. Witness the resilience that sets the standard in security, ensuring peace of mind. Don’t settle for less – prioritize your safety today.

Ensure Protection with SL-31 Mil Laminate

This security glass film, renowned for its 31-mil thickness, sets a new standard in safeguarding your space against severe threats. Whether fortifying sliding glass doors or reinforcing windows, SL-31 Mil Laminate offers unparalleled defense. Its shatter-resistant design not only deters prolonged attacks but also provides a robust barrier against potential intrusions.

Invest in the pinnacle of security with SL-31 Mil Laminate, the go-to choice for those seeking cutting-edge protection for homes, businesses, and educational institutions. 


Window glass installation

Prioritize safety without compromising style – choose the strength and resilience of Clear-Armor's security film solutions.


Will we be able to roll down the windows?
What do you mean by transferable armor?
Because we custom manufacture the glass for your vehicle’s make and model, if you were to retire a vehicle, we can remove the glass and vehicle armor and transfer it to a new vehicle in your fleet of the same make and model.
How many pounds of extra weight does your armoring add to the vehicle?
It varies depending on the vehicle, but it’s significantly less than traditional vehicle armor. Comparatively speaking, choosing Tru-Armor extends the life expectancy of your armored fleet. For example, we can completely armor a full-size SUV for under 500 lbs.
What car brand and models do you armor?
We can armor a variety of makes and models. Please contact us to discuss if your vehicle qualifies for armoring.
How long does it take to armor my vehicle?
Due to the customization process and client needs, armoring a vehicle can approximately take 2 to 3 weeks.
What is the ballistic level of your armoring?
As a sole-source company, starting at NIJ level 2-A, we’ll custom manufacture the glass and vehicle armor to your needs.
How do I get my vehicle to your facility for armoring?
If you are local to our area, you can schedule a date to drop off your vehicle at our facility. For transportation/shipping, please contact us to arrange delivery to our facility.
How much does it cost to armor a vehicle?
Pricing varies depending on client needs and the level of protection required. Please complete the contact form below to receive an estimate.

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