Offering robust defense (15-mil) to impede entry, this laminated glass solution ensures added time for the swift response of first responders.



15-MIL Protection

Our entry-level 15-mil laminate boasts significant thickness, surpassing many security films for glass on the market. With a robust 420-psi breaking strength, it delivers superior defense against intruders.

Safety Glass Fortification

Our transparent 15-mil protection employs cutting-edge technology to this safety glass, capable of withstanding multiple shots without glass collapse. This resilience prevents unauthorized entry, buying you crucial time in critical situations.

Forced-Entry Defense

SL-15 safety glass laminate provides robust protection against burglaries, smash-and-grabs, forced entry attempts, and various active threats, including strong winds and bomb blasts.

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SL-15 Mil Security Film Laminate Demonstration Video

Witness the strength of Clear-Armor’s entry denial laminate. Endured 5 shots from a 9mm handgun, sustained blows from a fist, and withstood repeated strikes from a baseball bat. The integrity of Clear-Armor laminate remained unyielding as a glass security for doors and windows, providing crucial time for emergency responders to arrive.

Elevate Your Security with SL-15 Mil Laminate

In a world where safety is paramount, Clear-Armor’s SL-15 Mil Security Laminate stands as your protection. With its advanced technology, this laminated glass transforms ordinary window or door glass into safety glass, offering unmatched security for diverse applications.

Whether defending against forced entry, burglaries, or even withstanding powerful impacts like bomb blasts, SL-15 Mil Laminate ensures a level of protection that exceeds industry standards. This innovative security film for glass not only fortifies your windows but also provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your space is shielded against potential threats.


School door and windows

Invest in the future of security and discover the strength of SL-15 Mil Laminate by Clear-Armor!


Because we custom manufacture the glass for your vehicle’s make and model, if you were to retire a vehicle, we can remove the glass and vehicle armor and transfer it to a new vehicle in your fleet of the same make and model.
It varies depending on the vehicle, but it’s significantly less than traditional vehicle armor. Comparatively speaking, choosing Tru-Armor extends the life expectancy of your armored fleet. For example, we can completely armor a full-size SUV for under 500 lbs.
We can armor a variety of makes and models. Please contact us to discuss if your vehicle qualifies for armoring.
Due to the customization process and client needs, armoring a vehicle can approximately take 2 to 3 weeks.
As a sole-source company, starting at NIJ level 2-A, we’ll custom manufacture the glass and vehicle armor to your needs.
If you are local to our area, you can schedule a date to drop off your vehicle at our facility. For transportation/shipping, please contact us to arrange delivery to our facility.
Pricing varies depending on client needs and the level of protection required. Please complete the contact form below to receive an estimate.

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