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Clear-Armor is a leading life safety, critical skills, and crisis training provider too. We help save lives by partnering with clients to establish a tailored emergency response plan and ensure responsible staff is properly trained to handle a crisis situation.


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What Sets Our Crisis Training Apart



At Clear-Armor, our hyperrealistic critical incident training is what makes us unique. Our training method provides immersive, life-like scenarios that simulate a critical incident, natural disaster, or mass shooting. In doing so, we prepare participants to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to handle these real-world incidents. Our combination of practical exercises and theoretical knowledge better equips participants to respond effectively, mitigate harm, and save lives.


Clear-Armor instructors are certified to teach the STOP THE BLEED® program and have the necessary real-world experience and skillset to effectively teach techniques and protocols when responding to life-threatening emergencies. Our instructors incorporate hands-on training, practice how to stop and stabilize an individual who is bleeding, and offer guidance and feedback. At the end of the training, participants will receive a STOP THE BLEED® certificate of completion. Candidates for the STOP THE BLEED® program include business owners and their employees, school administrators and staff, healthcare workers, and religious institutions.



Fear can easily overtake our minds during an emergency, which can lead to dangerous consequences. Clear-Armor helps individuals cultivate a survivor mentality, mastering situational awareness to quickly identify and address potential risks. Our staff guides individuals in developing strategies to navigate stressful situations, promoting heightened awareness to better evaluate complex information and prioritize crucial steps during emergencies.


Risk Management is a critical tool in ensuring the safety and security of individuals in various high-threat scenarios. Clear-Armor helps to train and develop a comprehensive emergency response plan for high-threat situations such as active shooter events. Our comprehensive assessment and training program starts with a complete inspection of your building, campus, office, staff, and grounds, giving us an outline of weaknesses and areas needing improvement. Based on our findings, we will make recommendations for areas of improvement, suggest protocols to implement, and provide a well-defined risk management plan.




Mario ‘Doc’ Martin, Vice President at Clear-Armor, specializes in security risk management, offering expertise in risk management training and comprehensive security and risk management programs.

As a retired Senior Chief Corpsman and Combat Support Operator with diverse combat leadership experience, Mr. Martin brings a wealth of knowledge to instruct individuals and organizations on preventing, surviving, and addressing mass casualty events.

Mario Martin’s military background and real-world insights make him a unique asset in developing and delivering impactful training programs at Clear-Armor. He is a STOP THE BLEED ®️️ instructor, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care instructor, and EMT certified instructor.

TruTrauma training has been a key component to our Emergency Preparedness Program. Through TruTrauma we did stop the bleed training, learned how to control our breathing and make sure we're safe too. We are thrilled with our partnership with TruTrauma for school training.

- Dr. Kimberly Rio

Assistant Superintendent, Northbrook School District 27


Tru-Trauma Emergency Kit


Businesses and organizations who participate in our critical life incident course receive our TruTrauma SOS Kit upon completing their training. Our trauma kit offers all the necessary components to potentially save a life and provide basic life support until medical help arrives.


What is the cost?

We provide TruTrauma training at no additional cost with the purchase of Clear-Armor laminate product in excess of 2,500 sq. ft. accumulated – for example, 2 or 3 schools in the same district.

Clear-Armor takes a 3-Step Approach:

  1. Address the glass (the weakest point in your buildings)
  2. Revisit the building’s emergency plan (now that you’ve created a safer environment)
  3. Train the staff (to provide lifesaving first aid if needed)

If you want training but do not have Clear-Armor laminates, please contact us. Pricing is determined by the type and duration of training requested

Who benefits from this training?

TruTrauma Training is for the staff of companies that have installed our Clear-Armor product in their facilities, creating a force multiplier. We welcome all personnel in your community seeking to be proactive about emergency or crisis preparedness. In some states, the training counts as CEU’s for teachers. Participants receive STOP THE BLEED ® and TruTrauma certification upon the successful completion of training.

Why is your training different from others?

We provide hyper-realistic training that prepares you to respond appropriately in a real-life crisis scenario. Traditional training takes place in a fun, relaxed, and controlled environment. However, the reality of an active shooter situation involves additional layers of potentially paralyzing fear and overwhelmedness that can impair anyone. Therefore, training your staff in a hyper-realistic setting is crucial to empower them to captain their natural fight-or-flight physiological response to respond appropriately in providing life-saving first aid.

How long does training take?

The curriculum is custom created for your organization. It can be as short as three hours long, or as long as two full 8-hour days. We are committed to leaving your group prepared and empowered.

Does my organization receive a certificate for completing the training?

Upon completing the training, participants will receive a STOP THE BLEED ® certificate and a TruTrauma certificate.

How often should TruTrauma training be conducted?

We recommend a yearly refresher course to review and update response plans and procedures.

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