Modern Ballistic Protection Solutions for Police Departments

Our ballistic-grade laminates provide unmatched protection, ensuring the safety of officers in high-risk situations. From bullet-resistant windows for patrol vehicles to fortified glass in police stations, TruArmor sets the standard for security in the police industry.

Why Safety Officers Choose Clear-Armor

Advanced Ballistic Protection

Advanced Ballistic Protection

Clear-Armor’s bullet-resistant laminates, including Glass Armor and Vehicle Armor, provide the police departments with superior defense against a range of ballistic threats. Our advanced technology ensures optimal protection for safety officers without compromising visibility or vehicle functionality.

Customized Solutions for Police Vehicles

We understand the specific needs of police vehicles. Our custom solutions, including bulletproof glass for cars are designed to enhance officer safety on the road. With our DOT certified manufactured glass, law enforcement agencies can tailor their security measures to the unique requirements of their fleet.

vehicle open doors
Industry-Leading Innovation

Industry-Leading Innovation

Clear-Armor is at the forefront of innovation in security solutions. Police departments and safety officers benefit from our continuous research and development, ensuring they have access to the latest advancements in ballistic protection.


Top-rated Security Solutions for Law Enforcement Buildings

We are ready to empower law enforcement with advanced security solutions. Whether it’s protecting facilities with Glass Armor, fortifying vehicles with Vehicle Armor, or enhancing crisis response through specialized training, we’re dedicated to supporting the safety and effectiveness of the police department.

Elevate officer safety with our advanced solutions designed to withstand a range of ballistic threats.

Products and Services Designed for Police Safety

Glass Armor

Enhances facility security by providing ballistic-grade protection for windows, ensuring a secure environment within police stations and headquarters.

Vehicle Armor

Fortifies police vehicles against ballistic threats, safeguarding safety officers during high-risk situations and pursuits.

Crisis Training

Equips law enforcement with essential skills for managing and responding to crisis situations effectively, enhancing overall preparedness and resilience.


How does Clear-Armor help the police industry?
Clear-Armor enhances police industry safety by providing advanced security laminates that reinforce glass surfaces. These laminates create a protective barrier, mitigating the impact of ballistic attacks, forced entry attempts, and other high-threat scenarios. The result is increased safety for law enforcement personnel and fortified security for police facilities.
What products are designed specifically for law enforcement agencies?
Clear-Armor offers specialized security laminates tailored for law enforcement needs. These laminates can be applied to police station windows, doors, and other vulnerable glass surfaces, providing an additional layer of defense against potential threats. The products are designed to withstand ballistic attacks, forced entry attempts, and severe weather conditions.
Do you provide training and orientation on how the products are used?
Yes, Clear-Armor offers comprehensive training and orientation programs for law enforcement agencies. Our expert technicians provide hands-on training sessions to ensure that personnel are familiar with the proper use and maintenance of the security laminates. This training enhances the effectiveness of the products and ensures optimal performance in real-world scenarios.
Do you also offer crisis training for safety officers?
Absolutely. Clear-Armor extends its commitment to safety by providing crisis training for safety officers, such as Hyperrealistic training, Stop The Bleed, Survivor Mentality, and Risk Management Plan. These types of training go beyond product use and focus on enhancing situational awareness, response strategies, and effective crisis management. By equipping safety officers with the right knowledge and skills, Clear-Armor aims to contribute to a safer and more secure environment for both officers and the communities they serve.

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