Advancing Safety of Students in Schools

In response to the growing threat of active shooter events, Clear-Armor introduces cutting-edge security solutions for daycares, elementary schools, high schools, and higher education institutions. We share the burden of responsibility for the physical safety of students and faculty. Our bullet-resistant security laminate creates bulletproof classrooms and enhances school safety measures, creating a secure learning environment that offers peace of mind to parents, teachers, and the community.

Why Clear-Armor Leads in School Security Systems

Sealing Window

Bulletproof Classrooms

At Clear-Armor, our hyperrealistic critical incident training is what makes us unique. Our training method provides immersive, life-like scenarios that simulate a critical incident, natural disaster, or mass shooting. In doing so, we prepare participants to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to handle these real-world incidents. Our combination of practical exercises and theoretical knowledge better equips participants to respond effectively, mitigate harm, and save lives.

Comprehensive School Security Measures

Beyond bulletproof classrooms, Clear-Armor offers a comprehensive approach to school security systems. From entrances to common areas, our solutions are designed to reinforce critical points throughout educational institutions, ensuring a secure and focused environment.

Comprehensive School Security Measures
Daycare Safety Checklist

Daycare Safety Checklist

Clear-Armor understands the unique safety requirements of early learning and daycare facilities. Our solutions align with daycare safety checklists, providing tailored measures that prioritize the well-being of the youngest members of our educational communities.

Your School's Highest Level of Protection

Clear-Armor’s security laminates are essential for schools in various situations, especially in the face of rising security concerns. These laminates provide an additional layer of protection against forced entry attempts, active shooter events, and other potential threats. By reinforcing windows, doors, and other glass surfaces, Clear Armor’s laminates enhance the overall security of schools, creating a safer environment for students, educators, and staff.

Clear-Armor leads the way in advancing safety for schools and universities. Together, let’s build bulletproof classrooms to secure the well-being of students, teachers, and staff.

Creating Secure Learning Environments with Clear-Armor

Entrances and Common Areas

Fortify entrances and common areas with Clear-Armor's security laminates, offering enhanced protection against potential threats while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere for students and staff.

Administrative Spaces and Faculty Areas

Impose higher security in administrative spaces and faculty areas to make sure that educators can focus on their vital roles within a safe and protected environment.

Peace of Mind for Parents and Communities

Implementing Clear-Armor's security solutions not only prevents harm in the event of an active-shooter situation but also provides peace of mind to parents and the broader community.


Do you provide crisis training for staff too?

Yes, Clear-Armor is committed to the safety of schools, and we provide comprehensive crisis training for staff. Our training programs go beyond product use and focus on enhancing situational awareness, response strategies, and crisis management. This ensures that educators and school staff are well-prepared to respond effectively in emergency situations, contributing to a safer learning environment.

What crisis training is best for educators and school staff?

Clear-Armor offers various crisis training programs tailored for educators and school staff. Programs such as STOP THE BLEED® and HYPERREALISTIC TRAINING are designed to equip educators with the skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively to medical emergencies and active threat situations. These training sessions are conducted by expert instructors, providing valuable tools for educators to enhance the safety and well-being of students and staff.

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