Our bulletproof glass designed for university settings offers a reliable physical barrier that actually prevents a tragedy from occurring.  Our commitment is to create secure environments that foster academic excellence and secure the well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

Clear-Armor's Distinct Approach to University & College Security

Security Solutions Made For Places of Worship

Innovative Bulletproof Glass Solutions

Clear-Armor introduces innovative bulletproof glass solutions specifically crafted for the unique needs of university settings. Our advanced laminates offer heightened security, providing an extra layer of protection against potential threats while preserving the open and collaborative atmosphere of higher education institutions.

Holistic Security Measures

Beyond bulletproof glass, Clear-Armor offers a holistic approach to university security systems. Our solutions encompass critical areas, from entrances to research facilities, ensuring a comprehensive and secure environment that aligns with the dynamic nature of academic life.

Holistic Security Measures
Technology-Driven Campus Safety

Technology-Driven Campus Safety

Clear-Armor remains at the forefront of security technology, continually providing colleges and universities with advanced solutions. As a leading armor manufacturer, our technologies evolve to address the changing landscape of security challenges, offering cutting-edge measures that enhance safety across campus.

A Leader in College Security

Ensuring campus security is of utmost importance for universities and colleges. Let’s talk about the various measures that can be taken, including the use of bulletproof glass, to enhance campus safety and protect students and staff.

Discover Clear Armor’s distinct approach and explore innovative security solutions that put the well-being of the entire academic community.

Securing Higher Education with Clear-Armor

Enhanced Security in Key Areas

Reinforce security in key areas, including entrances, academic spaces, and research facilities, with Clear-Armor's advanced security laminates, ensuring a protected environment that encourages learning and exploration.

Adaptability to Academic Spaces

Heighten security in research facilities, libraries, and administrative areas, tailoring solutions to the unique needs of each academic space within the university.

Promoting Confidence Across the Academic Community

Clear-Armor's security solutions instill confidence within the academic community, providing robust protection and peace of mind. Explore our tailored security measures designed to enhance safety and elevate the learning experience in higher education.


What are the best products for colleges and universities?
Clear Armor offers specialized security laminates that are ideal for colleges and universities. Our SL-15 and SL-31 laminates provide robust protection against forced entry attempts, active shooter events, and other potential threats. Applied to windows, doors, and glass surfaces, these laminates create a shatter-resistant barrier, enhancing the overall security of educational institutions.
What are the best crisis trainings for our educators and students?
Clear Armor provides tailored crisis training programs for educators and students. Programs such as STOP THE BLEED® and HYPERREALISTIC TRAINING are designed to equip both educators and students with essential skills and knowledge. These training sessions focus on medical emergency response and active threat scenarios, ensuring that individuals on campus are well-prepared to respond effectively in critical situations.
I want to learn more about your products.
To learn more about our products, Clear Armor offers demonstration videos that showcase the effectiveness of our security laminates. Additionally, you can download brochures for detailed information. For any specific queries or personalized assistance, feel free to contact us. Our team is available to provide the information you need and address any concerns you may have about our security solutions.

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