Advancing Security Measures for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and Medical Facilities stand as pillars of community well-being, providing crucial care to those in need.  Clear-Armor understands this responsibility and offers cutting-edge security systems for hospitals to reinforce glass, a vital aspect of protecting these facilities.

Why Clear-Armor is Essential for Medical Security in Hospitals

Glass-Strengthening Technology

Glass-Strengthening Technology

Clear-Armor’s security laminates employ advanced glass-strengthening technology. In hospitals and medical facilities, this technology becomes a crucial asset, preventing further harm in high-threat situations and maintaining a secure environment for patients and caregivers.

Preserving Continuity of Care

In emergency situations, the continuity of care is paramount. With high security measures in hospitals, medical professionals can focus on their life-saving tasks without undue interruptions, providing a sense of security that patients are protected in any circumstance.

Preserving Continuity of Care
Keeping a Safe Environment

Keeping a Safe Environment

Investing in Clear-Armor’s security technology goes beyond compliance – it creates and maintains a safe and more secure environment within hospitals and medical facilities. This not only protects lives but also enhances the overall well-being of the community.

Reliable Protection for Medical Facilities

In high-threat scenarios such as active shooter situations, our glass-strengthening technology acts as a preventive barrier, preserving the continuity of care and safeguarding patients and caregivers. Let’s discuss how we can help. 

Get your medical professionals to focus on their life-saving mission by providing a safer environment with Clear-Armor’s security laminates!
Explore our security products today.

Enhancing Safety in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Emergency Rooms and Treatment Areas

Reinforce glass in emergency rooms and treatment areas with Clear-Armor's security laminates and safeguard medical professionals and patients during critical situations.

Patient Rooms and Waiting Areas

Extend the protective layer to patient rooms and waiting areas for a more secure environment that enhances patient and caregiver safety.

Laboratories and Administrative Spaces

Boost the security level in laboratories and administrative spaces to achieve an overall secure and focused work environment for medical professionals.


How does Clear-Armor ensure safety in medical facilities?

As a leading armor manufacturer, Clear-Armor contributes to safety in medical facilities by providing advanced security laminates that reinforce glass surfaces. These laminates create a protective barrier, mitigating the impact of potential threats such as forced entry attempts and ballistic attacks. By enhancing the security of windows and glass doors, Clear-Armor’s laminates help create a safer environment for patients, caregivers, and medical staff.

Aside from safety laminates, what other services can you provide to help protect our patients and caregivers?

Clear-Armor offers a comprehensive suite of services to enhance safety in medical facilities. In addition to safety laminates, we provide specialized training programs such as STOP THE BLEED®, HYPERREALISTIC TRAINING, and SURVIVOR MENTALITY. These programs focus on equipping medical personnel with the skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively in emergency situations, ensuring the well-being of patients and caregivers.

Does your installation process interrupt our daily operations?

Clear-Armor understands the importance of uninterrupted medical facility operations. Our installation process is designed to minimize disruption. Our expert technicians work efficiently, and we schedule installations at times that are least likely to impact daily operations. Clear-Armor is committed to providing security solutions without compromising the crucial functions of medical facilities.

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