Fortifying Banks and Financial Institutions

The valuable assets and sensitive information that banks and financial institutions hold make them susceptible to security threats. Clear-Armor understands the paramount importance of securing these locations and their employees. Our discreet yet highly effective security laminates provide a robust solution, withstanding high-impact attacks and ensuring an additional layer of protection against armed assailants and various forms of violence.

Why Choose Clear-Armor for Bulletproofing Financial Institutions

Specialized Solutions for Financial Environments

Specialized Solutions for Financial Environments

Clear-Armor recognizes the unique security challenges faced by banks and financial institutions. As armor manufacturers, we have specialized security solutions designed to build a secure environment that safeguards employees, assets, and sensitive information.

High-Impact Resistance

Financial institutions require security measures that can withstand high-impact attacks. We have security laminates for an unparalleled level of protection, forming a fortified barrier against a variety of weapons and potential threats.

High-Impact Resistance
Discreet and Effective Defense

Discreet and Effective Defense

Clear-Armor’s security laminates present a discreet yet highly effective defense strategy. Our solutions prioritize the safety of employees and assets without compromising the professional appearance of financial institutions, ensuring a secure and inviting environment from bank teller windows to executive offices.

Bulletproof Security for Banks and Credit Unions

Implementing bulletproof glass is one of the most effective security measures for safeguarding against armed robberies and providing peace of mind for employees and customers. Let’s discuss the benefits and considerations of using bulletproof glass in financial institutions.

Clear-Armor has been a long-time partner of banks and financial institutions in boosting their financial security. Explore our specialized security solutions for a safe and secure environment for employees and assets.

Reinforcing Security in Financial Institutions

Bank Teller Windows and Transactional Areas

Secure banks glass such as teller windows and transactional areas with our advanced security laminates fused with a protective barrier without hindering customer interactions.

Entrances and Exits

Fortify entrances and exits with Clear-Armor's discreet yet powerful security solutions, providing an additional layer of protection against potential threats.

Executive Offices

Elevate the security level of executive offices within financial institutions with high performance laminates from Clear-Armor to ensure the safety of key personnel and sensitive information.


What are the best Clear-Armor products for banks and financial institutions?

Clear-Armor offers specialized security laminates designed to meet the unique needs of banks and financial institutions. Our SL-15 and SL-31 laminates are ideal choices, providing robust protection against forced entry attempts, ballistic attacks, and other potential threats. These laminates are discreet, optically clear, and tailored to reinforce glass surfaces, enhancing the overall security of financial establishments.

Are your products tested and certified?

Yes, Clear-Armor’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards. Our security laminates are certified by accredited laboratories, verifying their effectiveness and reliability. We take pride in delivering products that have undergone comprehensive testing, providing our clients with the assurance of top-tier security.

I want our employees to be well-trained in critical situations too. Do you offer that service?

Absolutely. Clear-Armor goes beyond providing security products by offering comprehensive training services. We understand the importance of preparedness in critical situations. Our expert technicians provide training sessions to bank and financial institution employees, including an emergency response plan. This ensures that staff members are well-equipped to respond effectively in high-stress scenarios, contributing to a safer working environment for all.

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