Safeguarding Churches and Places of Worship

Recognizing the sanctity and importance of places of worship, Clear-Armor is dedicated to fortifying church security and ensuring the safety of congregations. As a top-tier armor manufacturer, our high technology product and services address their unique security needs, providing a secure environment where worshippers can gather without fear.

Why Clear-Armor Stands As The Guardian of Church Security

Security Solutions Made For Places of Worship

Security Solutions Made For Places of Worship

Clear-Armor understands that each place of worship is unique. Our security solutions address the specific security challenges faced by churches to maintain a protective environment without compromising the spiritual ambiance.

Comprehensive Church Safety Measures

From entry points to sacred spaces, we can help you implement a comprehensive church safety plan. Our security laminates are designed to reinforce windows and doors, offering an additional layer of protection against potential threats while preserving the open and welcoming atmosphere of places of worship.

Comprehensive Church Safety Measures
Community-Focused Security

Community-Focused Security

Clear-Armor recognizes the community-centric nature of churches and places of worship. With church safety measures in place, you can prioritize the safety and well-being of congregations so worshippers can gather with peace of mind and focus on spiritual connection.

Protecting your church and its community

Bulletproof glass is becoming increasingly common in places of worship as a security measure to provide enhanced protection. Let’s discuss the benefits of using bulletproof glass in these sacred spaces.

Explore our comprehensive church safety measures and secure a safe environment for congregations to gather and connect.
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Securing Churches and Places of Worship with Clear-Armor

Sanctuary Windows and Entrances

Fortify sanctuary windows and entrances with Clear-Armor's advanced security laminates, and secure an environment for congregations to worship.

Community Spaces and Gathering Areas

Extend the protective layer to community spaces and gathering areas, enhancing the overall safety of worshippers during various events and activities.

Administrative and Educational Spaces

Keep the security in administrative and educational spaces within places of worship to provide a secure and focused environment for staff and volunteers.


How can Clear-Armor help protect places of worship?

Clear-Armor contributes to the safety of places of worship by providing advanced security laminates. Our laminates, applied to windows and glass doors, create a shatter-resistant barrier that mitigates the impact of potential threats, including forced entry attempts and ballistic attacks. By reinforcing vulnerable glass surfaces, Clear-Armor’s products enhance the overall security of places of worship, providing peace of mind to congregations and religious leaders.

Are your products certified?
Yes, Clear-Armor’s products undergo rigorous testing and are certified by accredited laboratories. Our security laminates meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring that they provide reliable and effective protection. The certification process verifies the performance and reliability of our products, providing our clients with the assurance of top-tier security solutions.
I want to learn more about your products. Do you have a showroom I can visit?

Yes, Clear-Armor has a showroom available for visits by appointment only. You can call our team from 9 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday, to schedule an appointment. Additionally, you can fill out the form below for any queries or to request more information about our security laminates. We are committed to providing personalized assistance and ensuring that you have the information you need to make informed decisions about our products.

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