What is Clear-Armor’s security laminate made of?
Clear-Armor’s security laminate is composed of multiple layers of advanced materials, including high-strength polymers and specialty adhesives, designed to provide robust protection against various threats.
How does Clear-Armor’s laminate enhance security?
Our laminate reinforces glass surfaces, creating a shatter-resistant barrier that withstands impact from bullets, forced entry attempts, and other high-impact threats. It acts as an additional layer of defense without compromising visibility.
Can Clear-Armor’s laminates be customized for specific needs?
Yes, Clear-Armor’s security laminates are highly customizable. As an armor manufacturer, we offer tailored solutions to address the unique security requirements of different industries, ensuring a perfect fit for various applications.
What types of threats can Clear-Armor’s laminates protect against?
Clear-Armor’s laminates provide protection against a range of threats, including ballistic attacks, forced entry attempts, bomb blasts, and severe weather conditions. The laminates are designed to enhance safety across diverse environments.
Is Clear-Armor’s security laminate optically clear?
Yes, our security laminates are optically clear. They maintain the natural appearance of glass, allowing for unobstructed views and ensuring that the aesthetic integrity of the space is preserved.
How is Clear-Armor’s laminate installed?
Installation is performed by our skilled technicians. The laminate is applied directly to existing glass surfaces using a specialized adhesive, creating a secure and protective layer.
Can Clear-Armor’s laminates be retrofitted to existing windows and doors?
Yes, Clear-Armor’s laminates can be retrofitted to existing glass surfaces, making them a cost-effective solution for upgrading security without the need for extensive renovations.
What maintenance is required for Clear-Armor’s laminates?
Minimal maintenance is required. Regular cleaning with non-abrasive, mild cleaners is sufficient. Our laminates are designed for long-lasting durability and effectiveness.
How long does it take to install Clear-Armor’s security laminate?
Installation time varies based on the size and complexity of the project. Our technicians work efficiently to minimize disruption, ensuring a prompt and effective installation.
Can Clear-Armor’s laminates be removed without damaging the glass?
While removal is possible, it is recommended to have our trained technicians handle the process to avoid any potential damage. The laminates are designed to provide long-term protection and can be replaced if necessary.

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