Our BR laminated glass offers top-tier protection, halting common handgun rounds and double 00 buckshot from penetrating through your glass. Plus, it allows defensive shots outward for enhanced safety.



Tailored Defense

Our custom bullet-resistant laminate boasts a minimum breaking strength of 1,500+ psi, providing comprehensive threat protection tailored to your security needs.

One-Way Protection

This bullet-resistant film’s distinctive features allow defensive shots out but not in, ensuring extreme security while enabling response teams to mount an effective counterattack from within.

Optically Clear

BR laminate discreetly enhances protection without altering your glass’ appearance, offering a clear and secure environment.

Uncover the Customized Defense Solutions for Everybody’s Safety. Download the Bullet Resistant Laminate Fact Sheet Now!

Security Glass Laminate: Bullet Resistant Glass Demonstration Video

Experience Innovation! Clear-Armor’s Ballistic glass is not just lighter and thinner; it redefines protection. While the industry takes inches to stop a 9 mm round, Clear-Armor achieves it in fractions of an inch. Witness the cutting-edge technology that sets us apart, providing unmatched defense with precision and efficiency. Boost your building’s security protection now.

Secure Excellence: Unleashing Unmatched Defense with Clear-Armor's BR Laminate

In a league of its own, Clear-Armor’s BR Laminate redefines security for glass doors and windows. Engineered for enhanced defense, this bullet-resistant laminate not only fortifies glass doors and security glass windows but sets a new standard in customized security solutions.

As a leader in the industry and a known armor manufacturer, Clear-Armor’s commitment to innovation and optimal protection is evident in the BR Laminate. Whether safeguarding glass door entrances or reinforcing windows, our discreet yet robust solution ensures the highest level of security.

Glass Installation

Choose Clear-Armor for cutting-edge technology and personalized defense with our BR Laminate.


Because we custom manufacture the glass for your vehicle’s make and model, if you were to retire a vehicle, we can remove the glass and vehicle armor and transfer it to a new vehicle in your fleet of the same make and model.
It varies depending on the vehicle, but it’s significantly less than traditional vehicle armor. Comparatively speaking, choosing Tru-Armor extends the life expectancy of your armored fleet. For example, we can completely armor a full-size SUV for under 500 lbs.
We can armor a variety of makes and models. Please contact us to discuss if your vehicle qualifies for armoring.
Due to the customization process and client needs, armoring a vehicle can approximately take 2 to 3 weeks.
As a sole-source company, starting at NIJ level 2-A, we’ll custom manufacture the glass and vehicle armor to your needs.
If you are local to our area, you can schedule a date to drop off your vehicle at our facility. For transportation/shipping, please contact us to arrange delivery to our facility.
Pricing varies depending on client needs and the level of protection required. Please complete the contact form below to receive an estimate.

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