I am Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, USA (ret.), author of the books On Combat, On Killing, Warrior Mindset, and Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill. I am one of our nation’s leading trainers for law enforcement and school safety.

And I want to take this opportunity to give my strongest possible support and endorsement of Clear Armor products for the security of your loved ones, at home, in the workplace, and in our schools.

The three most horrific school massacres in modern US history have been Sandy Hook (26 dead), Columbine (13 dead), and Red Lake (7 dead). In all three cases the killers shot through windows in order to get to their victims. You can make a very good argument that Clear Armor products, properly employed, could have prevented the great majority of the murders in all three cases. (A similar situation exists in many workplace homicide scenarios and home invasions and burglaries.)
The US DOJ reports that in ’97 we had 57 “dead by violence” in our schools. In ’06 it was 63 dead, an all-time record body-count. And after the Sandy Hook massacre, I think the 2012 school year will hit an even new “record” body-count in our schools.

Our children are more likely to be killed by violence in the school than every other possible cause of death put together. BUT not a single child has been killed by school fire in the US since 1958, over 50 years. It is time for us to place the kind of money and resources into violence prevention that we do for fire prevention in our schools, and Clear Armor is the place to begin this process.

I have chosen Clear Armor products to protect my home and my loved ones, and I recommend that you do the same.