I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are at Clarksville Community Schools that you brought your lifesaving product to our corporation. It has truly been a blessing to say the least. I took this job as the resource officer about two years ago, and the glass in these buildings have always deeply concerned me. It was very important to me to find an adequate solution to protect our students from any potential harm. We see all the tragedies on the news about criminals breaking through windows and harming people but because of the innovation of your company, the majority of the worry has be lifted.

Clear armor, in my opinion, is one of the greatest inventions to come along as a premiere safety precaution. I appreciate your dedication in walking our schools with me over and over leaving no stone unturned. It gives us great security to know you and your staff are dedicated to the safety of our school and community. We pray that the protection you have given us will not be tested; however, we feel immensely secure knowing it is there to protect us from harm.

On behalf of Clarksville Community Schools, I thank you for your commitment to providing a safe environment for our staff and students.