What is TruTrauma? A new company designed to EMPOWER individuals with the skills, tools and confidence to save lives. We have assembled Trauma kits and provide hands-on training for critical care in any crisis situation.

This Empowerment training includes:

    • Combat mindset to prepare you for a crisis situation, mentally.
    • Situational awareness: Learn how to be aware of your surroundings and how to avoid possible harmful incidents.
    • Learn how to handle escalation/de-escalation of a dangerous situation.
    • Hands-on training : How to stop bleeding from life-threatening injuries.

This is a simple straight-forward approach in dealing with any life-threatening trauma; at home, school, work, camping, playground, store, parking lot, or anywhere/anytime. All of the training is done by highly experienced world renowned experts in their field:

    • Senior Chief Corpsman and Combat Support Operator
    • Mario ‘Doc’ Martin (Retired)
    • Navy Seal SOCOM Medic
    • Shane Anderson (Retired)
    • Navy Seal Master Chief

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