Tru Trauma

Tru trauma is dedicated to bringing you the best in first responder training. We are a veteran owned company that specifically designed a course dedicated to assisting when the novice unthinkable happens. What ever the injury may be there are a few key concepts we must keep in mind until we get to higher echelon of care.

Tru Trauma is based off the Experience of former Navy SEAL SOCOM medic Shane M. Anderson. Tru Trauma has first responder kits and training that will give you the confidence need to act when you are the only hope. This is a straight forward approach to dealing with a trauma. We strive to assist you in building the mindset and skills necessary to act when the unthinkable happens.


  • being comfortable in the chaos
  • Choosing who you want to be
  • Stress management
  • Self defeating stories and beliefs.

Once you are armed with the knowledge how important and how easy it is to make a difference. You will develop a tested confidence that will keep your mind calm as you work your way through any event. You will be empowered..

The class will start with an overview of the TruTrauma first responder kit. Each piece of the kit has specific life saving capabilities that will be taught first by lecture and then in a skills and drills forum. This will ensure each student will have the opportunity to a get hands on comprehension of each piece of the trutrauma first responder kit.

To include:

  • Roles and resposibilities
  • Scene safety: MOI
  • Direct pressure
  • Primary trauma sweep of patient
  • BATS algorithm: Bleeding/Airway/Tension pneumothorax/Shock
  • Direct pressure: Pressure points/basic anatomy
  • Tourniquet: placement/technique/theory
  • Chest seal: placement/follow on concerns/theory
  • Packing a wound: digitally finding the artery/technique/theory
  • Pressure bandage: creation/theory
  • Improvised bandages and Tourniquet
  • We have a passion for teaching and are dedicated to cultivating the skillsets necessary for your personal success. You may be the only person in the right place at the right time.

    Face life challenges with the skills you have decided to cultivate. Train with the best. Train with Tru Trauma.